Arrowhead Mall 2012 Parking Lot Revitalization

Project Location: Glendale Arizona

PMP Ace Asphalt

The 2012 revitalization project of Arrowhead Town Center Mall in Glendale, Arizona incorporated a vast array of civil construction methods which were necessary to address the varied conditions that existed in the targeted 17 acres aged asphalt. The project involved rubberized crack filling, asphalt milling, asphalt pulverization, asphalt demolition, trucking of materials both into and off of the site, soil stabilization, grading, asphalt paving, utility adjustments, soil testing, striping, signage and ADA access modification.

While performing the work the mall needed to remain open every day of the week for customers, employees and vendor deliveries. To spice thing up a little, natural gas, water and electrical utility lines had been previously placed in drive areas where the asphalt now needed to be removed and replaced and all of the work needed to be accomplished in half the time originally planned.

To the mall manager’s delight, the project was completed on time and on budget while maintaining mall access and safety. The successful revitalization resulted in over 700,000 square feet of freshly laid asphalt, ready in time for eager holiday shoppers.

Olive Garden #1261

Project Location: Columbia, Maryland

PMP Pavement Exchange Group

We had to totally reconstruct the drive lanes prior to the overlay pave. This meant saw cutting to a 12″ depth and establishing a firm and unyielding base. Decisions were made on site to undercut soft areas and full depth asphalt was used throughout to bridge the bad area (pity the person that ever has to patch this lot as dig out will be difficult). This could have been a huge inconvenience to the store but it was not as the contractor threw extra manpower and equipment at this project in order to conclude it quickly. As a matter of fact during the final paving phase they utilized two (2) paving crews simultaneously.

SAIA Motor Freight

Project Location: Charlotte, NC

PMP CK Paving

Furnished & applied quality Portland cement, mixing with roto-mixer, compacting, shaping, trimming surplus with 55 lbs./SY at 8″ deep on 16,000 SY of asphalt, then furnished and installed 1.5″ of Perma-Flex and 1.5″ of Type B w/30% RAP HMA on 33,928 SY of asphalt.

Removed 704 SY of failed asphalt in area to receive PDC | Saw-cut and removed and replaced failed concrete at loading docks

with 8″, 3000 PSI concrete with #4 rebar mats. (845 SF) | Saw-cut and removed and replaced heavily damaged asphalt at loading docks and with 8″, 3000 PSI concrete with #4 rebar mats. (2200 SF)– This work was completed on Schedule with phasing completed to minimize disruption for the owner.

Bob Evans

Project Location: Dover, DE

PMP Delaware Valley Paving

Repair, Crack Fill, Seal and Stripe performed by PMP Delaware Valley Paving.